Bratislava Sunrise

For the first time in a very long time, I was actually excited to get up in the morning. I joined Sophie whom I met the day before to watch the sunrise over the magnificent city of Bratislava. Although the sun hadn’t risen yet, it was already surprisingly light and warm in Slovakia’s capital city. Anyway, as I walked towards the castle discussing all my goals with Sophie, I knew this was going to be a special moment. It isn’t every day that I get to experience such a beautiful event in such a beautiful place.

The night before, Sophie and I searched for the best spot to watch the sunrise. Eventually, we decided that the castle would be the nicest place for sure. After I planned the rest of the day to come, I set my alarm at 4:15 a.m., thrilled about tomorrow.

Having slept for just 4 hours when I woke up, I expected I would be too tired to set a single step outside of my hostel, but instead I felt like I could handle the world. ‘The sun is a powerful thing’, Sophie said. I walked as fast as I could through the picturesque streets of Bratislava with a fresh breeze waiving at me; I’m confident I’ve never felt better.

When I climbed the steep stairs to the castle, I caught my first glimpse of the jaw-dropping views. This made me walk even faster, and just when I arrived at the top, the sun started to rise. Beautiful colours of red and pink were spreading all across the sky over the charming city of Bratislava: a fairytale!

Unfortunately, as with all good things, it must come to an end. The sun kept rising higher and higher until all the colours disappeared from the sky. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely watch the sunrise here again. If you start your day with a sunrise, it’s impossible to have a bad day.

Credits for the photo go to Sophie. Go check out her blog! She is an amazing travel blogger (and photographer) who shares so many wonderful stories!

Cheers, Thorsten.