Everyone loves taking photos, especially when vacationing. The world offers so much beauty and we’re all desperate to capture it. Not everyone can take these fabulous shots like you see on Instagram, or so it seems. Well, you can with these 10 travel photography tips.

1. Consider the weather

Why this may sound like an obvious thing to do, many people skip this important thing. It makes a huge difference whether your photos are taken in bright sunlight or under rainy circumstances. While there isn’t really a good or bad here, I would advise you to give it a thought. What weather represents the place I want to capture?

Nativity Cathedral Chisinau

2. Think outside of the box

No, you don’t need to take those basic travel photos that everyone else takes. Think outside of the box, be original! Before you take a photo, think about what you want to show the world. Nobody sees things as you do. Use this trait well!

3. Keep the time of day in mind

Yes, this is very important! The time of day determines the character of your photo! On one hand, the time of day determines how many tourists will be around. Swarms of tourists might be great in some photos but most of the time, you would want to avoid large crowds in your photos. Early in the morning or late in the evening is usually the way to go.ss Rotterdam deck

4. Keep your ISO low

I didn’t mean my travel photography tips to become technical but I just have to mention this. For those of you that do not know what ISO is, it’s basically the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light. It’s a huge advantage that you can adjust this so-called ISO but there’s a catch. The higher it is, the lower the quality of your photo will be. While I love the photo below, you can see how bad the quality is because of the high ISO. So be careful and keep it low! Plane View Night

5. The composition can change everything

I’ve seen this plenty 0f times. People see a building and they take a random photo. ‘WOW that’s an amazing building, I want a photo of it!’ They shoot the photo only to discover later that it doesn’t look as good as it did in real life. It’s very important to think about the composition in your photo. Take a look at this photo for example.ss Rotterdam pool

After taking a look at the photo above, take a look at this photo of the same spot and notice how the change in composition makes it seem more attractive to visit. It’s really a matter of how you use the surroundings of the things you want to capture. In this case, I used an olive twig. Don’t be shy to experiment.ss Rotterdam swimming pool

Do you want to know more about this magnificent ship? Read this article!

6. Editing isn’t a crime

At the start of my travel blogging career, I didn’t edit my photos. I thought it was super fake and told everyone I’d never do that. Later on, I realised that editing allows me to show you how I see the world even better. Because of editing, my photos represent reality even better. Look at the difference!

ss Rotterdam unedited ss Rotterdam

7. Know your equipment

Although mobile phones keep getting better and better at taking photos, they still can’t provide the quality a reflex camera can. One thing you need to ask yourself is: ‘what quality do I need?’ If you only use the photos you take to send them to your friends on Snapchat, you won’t need a reflex camera. If you’re planning on taking your photography to a higher level, make sure to consider buying one. I know that they aren’t the cheapest devices around, but it’ll make a huge difference!

8. Be authentic

There are plenty of travel photographers out there that all take the same photos. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing of course but it can be. Be you! Don’t take certain photos because ‘everyone else takes them’. If you capture the world using your own instinct, you’re being authentic. That will step up your photo game immediately. People love seeing places through your eyes!

9. Do your research (just like you do with travel photography tips)

I’ve heard travellers complain about not doing research before so let me tell you this: always do some research. This is essential because if you don’t you might miss the coolest spots around. Research allows you to think about what you want to capture and where and how to do so. It will improve your photos for sure!

10. Have fun

This is the most important tip of all travel photography tips. If you’re not having fun when taking photos, why do it at all? At the end of the day, you having a good time should be the top priority.

Cheers, Thorsten.