Snowdonia National Park River

Somewhere in the northern part of Whales lies a place so mysterious, I just had to visit it. I’m talking about Snowdon, the highest mountain in all of the UK. You might have heard of it before, but almost nobody knows what it’s really like. 

To me, that was the reason to grab my bags to take a look for myself. I hit the road with a tent, a good pair of shoes and a backpack. Then, I searched for a campsite to spend the night before my adventure started. I started a campfire and enjoyed some tea before going to bed.Campsite Snowdon

The hike

The day of the hike had arrived. I filled my backpack with enough food and water and hit the road. The first part of the hike was fairly easy and the area is beautiful there. A rushing torrent of fresh meltwater tunnels straight down the mountains right along the hiking path. Beautiful waterfalls are scattered along the way. Even though the road got steeper and the hike heavier, I didn’t notice because I was too focused on admiring the nature here. Snowdon Valley

Snowdon, a special mountain

The mountain isn’t extremely high, it’s about one kilometre in height. It’s a special mountain though. That’s because it’s fairly accessible to anybody; you can climb it in one day! I have to admit that I’ve never climbed a mountain before but I was determined to give it a shot here. If you’re someone seeking adventure, this is a place for you. It’s the perfect mountain to climb for people without experience. You don’t need any gear but make sure to bring a warm coat and enough food and water.Snowdon Mountain

To the top

When you approach the top, your enthusiasm rises and you start to walk faster. You see the snow on top and you can’t wait to get there. An hour later, you arrive at the top; you’ve made it! To me, the view was less spectacular than I’d hoped because it was covered in clouds. On the way back, I followed the river with the waterfalls until I reached the campsite again. This was such a unique experience! You probably fall asleep right away, because a day like this is an intense day.Waterfall Wales

Cheers, Thorsten.