White Drin river Peja

Last fall, I got the chance to discover Europe’s youngest country. Very excited was I because I didn’t know what to expect at all. I arrived in Pristina from Skopje and spent about three days in Kosovo. In this post, you’ll get to know the top three must-see places in this unique country.


Prizren is an Ottoman city frozen in time. From the moment I got out of the bus, it felt like I had travelled 30 years back in time. Small cobblestones pave the streets in this city characterized by its mosques, narrow streets and a small river that flows into the White Drin. Five times a day, you are able to hear very loud sounds coming from the city’s mosques. Since the city has 75 mosques all broadcasting these sounds simultaneously, the calls for prayer are all mixed together to a very strange, unique, but also a bit terrifying sound.Prizren KosovoSunset Prizren KosovoMountains Prizren KosovoPrizren Kosovo Overview Sunset


The city of Peja is probably my favourite city in Kosovo. If you’re here, make sure to check out nature! If you walk west along the White Drin river you will spot so many extraordinary sights. The first one you notice is The Patriarchate of Peć. This monastery is an amazing place with an elaborate history to it. Don’t forget your passport when visiting it though. UN-soldiers guard this unique building and they won’t let you in before they’ve scanned your passport. On the inside of the red building, fresco’s cover every inch of the walls: so beautiful! If you travel further towards the source of the river, you’ll spot many small waterfalls, bridges and fantastic caves; the Rugova Canyon is truly wonderful.Kosovo Cave

Kosovo Peja bridge Rugova Canyon

Bridge in Peja over the Rugova Canyon

Monastery Kosovo Peja

Patriarchate of Peć

Paintings Patriarchate of Peć

Paintings in the Patriarchate of Peć

White Drin river Peja

Pristina (the capital of Kosovo)

The capital of Kosovo is a strange place. It’s very hard to find anything pretty here but if you look hard enough, there are plenty of stunning sights. Take the Imperial Mosque, for example. It has a beautiful interior, as well as striking painted ceilings over the main entrance. The Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa and the Newborn Monument are also worth a visit. If you don’t feel like visiting such impressive buildings, just take a stroll through town! Walking through the narrow pathways of the bazaar, for example, feels so miraculous! You will notice, however, that you’re one of only a few tourists.

Imperial Mosque Pristina

Imperial Mosque Pristina

Imperial Mosque Pristina Paintings