Words cannot express what Kotor is like. You have to see, feel and experience it to understand what it’s like. Many consider its bay one of the most beautiful bays in the world! Many peoples have come, seen, stayed and finally left the bay: Illyrians, Romans, Turks, the French (Napoleon), Spaniards, Italians (Republic of Venice), Habsburgs all left their marks. Kotor is up till now the finest place on earth I’ve ever been, but why?

As usual, I’ll start this article by providing you with some practicalities. If you’re only interested in the magic of this place, feel free to scroll down to the third subheading.

Where’s Kotor?

Kotor is an atmospheric town wedged between brooding mountains and the most spectacular corner of a bay to the Adriatic. You can find it in a small country in Europe called Montenegro. Montenegro, in turn, can be found in a region called the Balkans. It borders Albania in the south, Kosovo and Serbia in the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the north and Croatia in the west.

Kotor BayKotor Montenegro Flag

How do you get to Kotor?

You can get to Kotor very easily. It’s only a 2-hour drive from both the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica and the famous city of Dubrovnik and Croatia. Both of these cities have airports that cater to various cities across the globe. Also, public transport is very well-arranged so if you can’t get here by car, don’t worry. Busrides generally don’t cost more than a few euros. The nearest airport is Tivat Airport. It’s just 15 minutes away! It’s also possible to reach Kotor by boat.Kotor Palm TreesKotor City Walls

Why is it my favourite place on earth?

Kotor is an achingly atmospheric city perfectly at one with its setting of brooding mountains and blue waters. The town is a medieval maze of churches, museums, Venetian palaces and cafes. It’s a place where the present coexists with the past. Children go to school in centuries-old buildings and the streets are paved with cobblestones. Market stalls selling figs fill the streets and lines of laundry flutter from wrought-iron balconies. The city has a peculiar personality that attracts adventure-seekers and culture-lovers from all over the world. In case you want to witness something truly unique, visit Kotor at night as it is very delicate due to the dazzling lights on the old city walls. At nightfall, you can take a walk through the buzzing streets filled with bars and live music.Kotor MontenegroIMG_6844-2

As you can hear, Kotor has it all! Nature and architecture, old and new, traditional and modern are contradictions that you can find everywhere in this unique town. My favourite activity here: walking up to the Castle. You should definitely give this a shot because the views from the castle will blow you away; it’s insane!

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