Danube Bridge Komarno

When you’ve seen Bratislava, you’re probably ready for a new adventure. If you’re looking for something different, don’t look any further. Did you know there’s a town called Komarno where you can walk from one country to another? But there’s more; here are 5 reasons why you’ll love this place.

How to get to Komarno?

Komarno is a medieval town in the southern part of Slovakia. It’s situated right next to the Danube river, which forms the border between Slovakia and Hungary. There’s no airport but the airport in Bratislava is just 1 hour and 45 minutes away. Closer is the airport in Gyor, Hungary; it’s just 45 minutes away. If you don’t feel like driving, don’t worry. Komarno can be reached by public transport as well. A train departs from Bratislava Central Station to Komarno every 2 hours and it costs no more than 5 euros. From Gyor, you can take a train to Komarom, the Hungarian part of Komarno. Wait, what? Yes, the city spreads out over 2 countries!

Komarno Central Station

Central Station

Why will you love it?

You’ll love the contrast.

I mean: no one can deny the excitement of visiting another world! And this city is another world indeed. You’ll notice the difference between Bratislava and Komarno from the moment you get there. Whereas Bratislava represents the crowded and busy, Komarno represents quietness: something I could very well use after spending time in Vienna and Bratislava. It’s great to see (and feel) the sharp contrast between the global Bratislava and the local Komarno.

When I was there, the city was a little too quiet. Later on, two locals (Mary and Martin) told me that Slovakia celebrated a public holiday that day: St. Cyril and Methodius day.

Komarno Town Hall

Town Hall

You’ll love its authentic feeling.

The thing I like most about Komarno is its authentic feeling. I can’t really describe what this authentic feeling feels like, but let’s put it this way: when you walk around the city centre, you can feel the Slovakian culture and history embedded in its statues, its people and even its buildings. To me, that’s what most places lack these days. There are not many cities in Europe that managed to maintain such a traditional vibe. Komarno does this perfectly, however.

By far the coolest hotel in town is Hotel Bow Garden. The rooms are beautifully decorated, the staff is nice and it’s situated in an old synagogue. How cool is that?! Book your stay here.

You’ll love its architecture.

Komarno is home to an extraordinary amount of architecture. It ranges anywhere from churches to squares and from bridges to town halls, so if you’re an architecture-lover, this city definitely won’t disappoint you. The Europe Square is its pride. It’s a beautiful square in the heart of town characterized by its unique shapes and colours. Be sure not to miss this one!Europe Square Komarno Komarno Europe Square

You’ll love its locals.

When I was in Komarno, I wasn’t able to find Europe Square. I asked two locals where to find it and they were more than kind to me. They took me all the way there while exhibiting genuine interest for me. At first, they told me about their education and careers in sports. Later on, they explained many aspects of Slovakian culture and they took some photos of me. It was great meeting you, Mary and Martin! In Komarno, you’ll notice such kindness all the time. So don’t hesitate to approach a local; you might have the time of your life.

By far the kindest Slovakian man I’ve met is Palo. Would you like know his story? Subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll share it when I reach a 100 subscribers.

You’ll love the two-countries-experience.

The city of Komarno is actually composed of two cities: Komarno on one side of the Danube river and Komarom on the other side. And while Komarno is in Slovakia, Komarom is actually situated in Hungary, but the two stand together as one. So, by crossing the bridge over the Danube river, you enter another country! You probably won’t feel major differences between the two cities but I did very much like the experience. Walking from one country to another: one more thing off my bucket list!Komarno Border

Cheers, Thorsten.

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