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Most articles on essential travel items out there are absolutely awful. There’s no need for packing expensive and overrated items that you won’t ever use. Here, I listed my top 5 essential items, not because I was paid to promote them, but because I personally use and honestly can’t go without them.

1. A Money Belt

For a very long time, I thought that money belts were absolutely useless and a waste of money. That was until I almost lost all my money to a pickpocketer in Vienna. Now, I would never again go on a trip without such a money belt. They are becoming cheaper and cheaper and mine is even equipped with an RFID blocker. This prevents misuse of your credit card by ‘digital pickpocketers’. Not only are both my money and my passport better protected, but I also don’t have to worry about keeping them safe anymore. It’s a must for every traveller. I bought mine (the one in the photo below) at a local travel store but you can get yourself one for just $10 on Amazon using the button below.

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Money belt travel item

2. A Neck Cushion

We’ve all experienced fatigue on a flight or a bus ride and you might know how uncomfortable sleeping on an aircraft or a bus really is. But you can’t bring a pillow in your suitcase, right? That would take up way to much space. That’s where the neck cushion comes in. It’s inflatable, it’s compact and it’s comfortable. Now, you’ll be able to sleep comfortably when travelling. I bought mine (the one in the photo below) at the same local travel store as the money belt, but you can get yourself one for just $1,49 on Amazon using the button below.

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3. Handgel

Of all the essential travel items, this is the one you’ll use the most. Because when travelling, you can’t always wash your hands. If you’re hiking in the mountains, for example, you might want to wash your hands before eating because you just touched dirty rocks. If there’s no river near you, this can be a pain in the ass. That’s where handgel can come in handy. It’s the perfect way to clean your hands without water or soap. It’s a cheap and handy way to stay fresh! I got mine (the one in the photo below) at a dollar store near my home and for you, this will most definitely be the cheapest option as well. If you don’t feel like going to the dollar store, you can get yourself one for $3,49 on Amazon using the button below.

Get it hereHandgel essential travel items

4. A Microfiber Towel

No matter if you go camping or hostelling, you usually have to bring your own towels. However, towels take up a lot of space which isn’t so much of a good thing if your bag space is scarce. That’s why I always bring microfiber towels instead of regular towels. They are extremely compact so I never have to worry about not being able to fit towels into my bag. Oh and there’s an additional advantage to them; they dry very very quickly. There are some very expensive ones around but if you buy one on Amazon using the button below, you’ll pay just $2.

Get it hereTowel essential travel items

5. Earplugs

Last but not least, I always bring earplugs when I go on a trip. I think everyone hasn’t been able to sleep because of a noisy hotel or camping neighbour at least once. Not getting enough rest when travelling is horrible, so make sure to play it safe! There are very cheap and crappy ear plugs available but they can hurt your ears very badly. That’s why I use the ‘party ear plugs’ made by 3M. I don’t use them for parties, but they also work well for sleeping and they do not hurt. I couldn’t find them on Amazon (so no button here) but I highly recommend buying them.

Ear plugs essential travel items

I hope these essential travel items can make your life on the road a bit easier. Oh, and are you making these packing mistakes? You might want to check.

Cheers, Thorsten.