Arc de Triomf Barcelona

Barcelona, also known as Barna, is a frequently visited city in the northwest of Spain. It’s known for its amazing architecture and of course its climate. The fact that the city is located right next to the Mediterranean makes this city even more appealing. After hearing all this, you must be able to imagine why I decided to go here. I don’t want this trip to basic though, I want it to be unique even though loads of tourists come here. That’s why I went on a cycle tour in Barcelona: a thing I’d never done before.

There are multiple organizations that offer a cycle tour in Barcelona, but I booked one though AirBnb. It cost me only 19 euros for a 3-hour-trip with a guide and that’s a very good deal. My guide was a very nice guy from France that lives in Barcelona for a few years now. He was the kindest and was very open to special requests and questions.Tiled Bull Arena Barcelona cycle tour

The organisation is located right next to the Sagrada Familia so it makes sense that that was our first stop. We cycled around it and got to know some awesome facts. I especially liked the basilica’s facade of Christ’s death; it has so many amazing details! After staying here for a while, we cycled through the whole old town. The guide explained us what all the monuments were and gave me plenty of time to take a few nice photos. Sagrada Familia Christ's Death Facade

Once we covered the old town, we moved to the Ciutadella Park. Nature is booming here; it’s insane! I especially loved the fountain that’s right in the middle. It’s an amazing piece of art that really speaks to my soul. The last stop on our tour was the Arc de Triomf. It’s an amazing red-coloured building surrounded by plenty of palms. I’ll definitely come back here to just chill and have fun.Palm Trees Barcelona ParkFountain Park Barcelona Cycle TourArc de Triomf Barcelona

I highly recommend taking a cycle tour in Barcelona. Not only is it a very nice experience to cycle in an unknown place, it’s also an amazing way to get a quick overview of what the city has to offer. That makes sure you know what places you want to take a closer look at and what places you’d rather want to skip next time.Spain and Catalonia FlagRoyal Square Barcelona

Cheers, Thorsten.