Pyrenees Andorra

Andorra is a small landlocked country between France and Spain. It lies right in the middle of the Pyrenees mountain chain, which is why it calls itself ‘the country of mountains’. The microstate has just 85000 inhabitants but it means more than you might think. The country is famous for its skiing resorts and that’s why it welcomes most of its visitors in winter. Because I was very curious about what can be seen and done here in summer, I decided to pay a visit to this mountainous country.

How do you get there?

An important question is: how do you get to Andorra? For some, this may be tricky because the country has no airport and no train stations. The easiest way to get there is travelling by car. There are 2 roads leading in and out of the country: one at the border with Spain and one at the border with France. If you don’t want to or if you can’t travel to Andorra by car, the best way is flying to Girona in Spain. There you can drive to Andorra by rental car. If driving isn’t an option for you, you can also take a bus from Girona to Andorra. If you travel by bus, you do lose some flexibility.

What is to be seen in Andorra?

Lagos de Tristaina

This is my absolute favourite. It’s a lake in the middle of the Pyrenees at an altitude of 2306 metres! It’s an extraordinary place that you can’t miss when in Andorra. There is some bad news, however; you can only get there by car. You can park your car at a restaurant called ‘La Coma d’Arcalis. There are more than enough parking spots and parking is free! A hiking trail starts rights behind the restaurant. You have to climb a total of 219 metres but don’t worry: this trail is suitable for hikers of all levels. I can’t put into words how beautiful this place is. I can show some photos but if you really want to know how amazing this place is, you have to see it with your own eyes. Lagos de Tristaina AndorraPyrenees Andorra

Andorra la Vella

Many visitors skip Andorra’s capital because they think there’s little to see. I get that it may seem like that at first sight but if you take a closer look, you’ll see it has lots of cool places. Pay a visit to the Pont the Paris for example. This bridge is an amazing piece of modern architecture. I recommend taking a look at it from the bridge near the Salvador Dali monument; the bridge and the mountains behind it give you the opportunity to take the perfect travel photo. You can’t miss the Casa de la Vall either. It’s a beautiful building with an elaborate history that dates back to the 16th century!Pont de Paris Andorra la Vella


In winter, this city is one of the most famous skiing places in Andorra. The cable car that’s used for skiing is operative in summer as well. It’ll take you to an altitude of 2250 meters for 12 euros a person. The ride is free for children younger than 5 years old and it costs 7 euros for children between 6 and 13 years old. It’s worth every penny because it’s gorgeous. The mountain is a lovely place to take a walk or to golf at the highest golf course in Europe!Soldeu Andorra

All in all, Andorra is the perfect place for an awesome trip. I can’t wait to go back someday!

Cheers, Thorsten.